Saturday, November 17, 2007

Applications are In!

And now, it IS too late to apply. Sorry. All aplications are in and we're making our selections. Soon we will be posting the line up for Sacramento All Sketch and we should have some video clips ready soon after that showcasing the acts we're bringing to our stage. So, keep checking back...

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Friday, November 2, 2007

There Is Still Time To Apply

You can still apply for Sacramento All Sketch.
While it's true that our early deadline has passed, you can get your application postmarked anytime before the 15th to make the late deadline. It'll cost ya a couple extra bucks but hey, sometimes it's worth paying the late fee if you just REALLY need to sleep in. That's certainly my policy when it comes to getting my DVD rentals back on time.

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Life is Strange

We just picked up a most unusual sponsor. Sea Monkeys. Yes, that's right, Sacramento All Sketch is sponsored by Sea Monkeys and they're sending us product to use for promoting and fund raising. I find this quite bizarre and wonderful.
I am a nut for Sea Monkeys, have been since I was a kid and first saw the ad in a Conan The Barbarian Comic Book (I bought it because Conan was fighting a werewolf and I loved werewolves.)

So I started a blog to share my retro fandom with other geeky types ( ended up becoming friends with the COO of the company that now sells these instant pets, George Atamian. George is excited about our comedy festival and so we arranged an unusual sponsorship deal. Sea Monkeys and Sketch Comedy, my two life long passions come together at last. Ha ha.
Be sure to visit our sponsor at

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