Friday, December 28, 2007

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Neil Hamburger added to All Sketch

The one and only Neil Hamburger AKA America's 1$ Funnyman AKA The World's Funnymanwill be hosting one night of Sacramento All Sketch.

Neil Hamburger, as if you didn't know, appeared recently in Tenacious D's "Pick of Destiny." He toured with The D and he currently hosts Poolside Chats with Neil Hamburger on Tom Green's internet TV Station. Check out Mr. Hamburger's fine MySpace page at

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sea Monkey Fund Raiser

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Monday, December 3, 2007

We have Selected our Comedians

  • It's done. It was great getting to check out different sketch troupes from around the country. And it was difficult choosing. We hate to have to say no to anyone and we do really appreciate everyone who applied. So, here they are, in no particular order, the performers of Sacramento All Sketch:
Sketch Armstrong
If Sketch Armstrong is good enough for the 2006 Aspen Comedy Festival, the 2006 Montreal Comedy Festival, the 2007 LA Comedy Festival and the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival "Best Shorts of 2006" program then by golly they're too good for us. But we tricked 'em into performing anyway.

Don't miss Sketch Armstrong creation Go People Go! , the Christian Folk Sensation that's “putting the FUN back in Christian Fundamentalism.” Armed only with an old bus packed full o'Bibles, guitars and tap shoes, they are on a mission to remake America – one song, one soul, and one President at a time.

From Oakland California come Boomtime featuring three of the Bay Area's weirdest and most beloved stand up comics Moshe Kasher, Brent Weinbach and Alex Koll showing that they're equally adept at making really weird sketch comedy.

Boomtime's last appearance in Sacramento resulted in multiple sold out shows and a landslide of e-mails and phone calls begging us to bring them back soon. Here they are. Quit calling us already. We can't afford to change our number again.

The Keith and Kate Show
from Auburn California featuring Jason and Kate? Both wooed and wowed local audiences when they appeared in Love and Math in early 2007.
The Keith and Kate show is a collection of skits, musical numbers and heartfelt tributes to Jason's huge yet surprisingly fragile ego.
Visit their myspace page.

The Weekly Armenian
Hollywood's Bryan Coffee is The Weekly Armenian. He is a one man sketch comedy troupe with wonderful sound effects, great physical presence and one amazing eyebrow.
Bryan writes and directs Ten West who sold out Sacramento's Geery Theater a few months back. (Writing for a silent show is either very easy or very difficult, but Bryan gets the job done) With the Weekly Armenian he shows that he's quite talented with words as well.

stars Kirstin Eggers who is also a member of sketch comedy legends Summer of Tears. Fakesweet has a huge cast of characters and one actress. Psychology students will pack our theatre as they research the phenomenon of voluntary multiple personality disorder.

Killing My Lobster
have been producing cutting edge live theatre and films in San Francisco since the last Ice Age and they seem destined to continue on through the next one.

I once asked my dad to take me to a KML show for my birthday. We had a great time.

We're most fortunate and really quite tickled to have them included on our bill.

The Trash Film Orgy Players
The writers and cast of Sacramento's own award winning midnight trash film series have finally reached the end of their parole during which time they were forbidden by law from performing except between the hours of midnight and 6am.

Expect them to receive another harsh sentence immediately following their appearance at Sacramento All Sketch.

I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy
Sacto's long running ICBINC, "the great troupe with the awful name" have toured their unique blend of musical numbers, long form dramatic sketch and short film to crowds through the west coast, from LA to Seattle.
They once spent a surreal night playing with an incredibly offensive racist lady in Arizona but they don't talk about that (unless you get 'em drinkin'.)
Aint nepotism a bitch?

Smooot Valley High
The sweeet sound of clean cut rock and roll as played by Fresno California's home schoooled Smooot brothers (and one sister) makes the caterwauling of the Osmond family sound like depraved satanic heavy metal in comparison. The siblings do not normally accept night gigs, especially not in the "Big City" but we convinced them that our audience was in desperate need of some good old fashioned morality.