Friday, February 22, 2008

Lastnight was out of site

Great show last night. I'll get pictures up just as soon as I can. I was really happy with the new ICBINC material. It was frightening opening our big festival with all new material, but I'm glad we did it and it ended up being one of our most crowd pleasing shows ever.
Brent Weinbach was quite simply amazing. Damn he's funny. His Russian alphabet is my new favorite bit.
And speaking of new, The Keith and Kate Show were beautiful. Singing, dancing, storying, and an epic peace about semaphore that had the audience mesmerized. I fully expect that Keith and Kate will be the next troupe to storm the Sketch Comedy circuit.

Tonight we've got The Trash Film Orgy All Star Players with Killing My Lobster (voted Best Comedy Group in San Francisco by the SF Weekly) at 7:30pm
At 9:30pm it's Sacramento's beloved rock and rollers Smooot Valley High with The Weekly Armenian (a personal favorite of mine.)
Tonight's MC is my good friend Tapan Trivedi who the News and Review calls "one of the best comedians in California - period!"
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