Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The Sacramento Sketch Comedy Festival will feature a carefully selected sampling of the best Sketch Comedy America has to offer, and who knows maybe we'll even get some of that zany foreign comedy.

The festival will consist of five shows over three nights in February 2008, and some other smaller events as well including a late night show that will be give the various troupes and troupe members an opportunity to collaborate.

The venue is The 24th Street Theater, a gorgeous 300 street theater with a great lighting system a large stage, posh dressing rooms and all the other great stuff you could want.

So, who is putting on this amazing spectacle? Glad you asked:

Keith Lowell Jensen has been an MC and promoter for Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation, a touring stand up comedian, the founder of Sacramento's legendary film festival The Trash Film Orgy. He is also the founder, director and a cast member of Sacramento sketch troupe I Can't Believe Its Not Comedy.

Sid Garcia Heberger is the assistant director and a cast member of I Can't Believe Its Not Comedy. In her spare time Sid operates Sacramento's most beloved historic movie theatre, The Crest.

There's lots going on behind the scenes at the present time, including building a website. For now we have this blog. Please keep checking back and looking forward to The Sacramento Sketch Comedy Festival.

Feel free to contact us at sactosketch@gmail.com


Your Friend Harrison said...

How 'bout call it the "Sac(k) of Sketches Fest. Since you have so many sketches you need them in the biggest sac you can find.

Catchy marketing slogan:
"Who's got balls big enough to fill our Sac?"

(Sac has a double meaning here which also means your NUTSACK!)

Love ya when you stay tuned!


KLJ said...

My favorite part is your explanation of the double meaning.

Thanks Harry. Notice me not making any cheap jokes about a gay named Harry posting about nutsacks. I have suck discipline.

Wow, the blog is up less than a week and we're already in the toilet. My goodness. Oh well, the water's fine, and clear, for now.