Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Do We Call It?

So, what do we call our show?
Ideas we're kicking around:
  • Sacramento All Sketch
  • Sketch Fest Sacramento
What are you thoughts?


Anonymous said...

how about "Laffy Hour in Sacramento" or "Festival of Laughs" or "Got Sketch" or "The Best Sketch in Sacramento" or "Comedy at it's Sketchiest" or "im all out of ideas and those last couple sucked really bad"

Jones said...

You should call it THE SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL...and then, in tiny little letters," has nothing to do with this sketch thing."

KLJ said...

Thanks. I'm leaning toward that Sundance One, but maybe I'll go with ADULT MOVIE STAR PARTY... and then in small letters "happening in LA, but your here so come see some sketch comedy."

What I won't go with:

chris said...

I still like "My Favorite Comedy Festival".

KLJ said...

I'm just worried that it might be your second favorite and then I'd get sued for false advertising.
I'm really leaning toward Sacramento All-Sketch.

Todd and Leslie said...

The Sacramento Sketch Comedy Festival

The publicity can be images of rioting in theaters and other places...Drawings and pictures.

We also like that there is an equal amount of punctuation and letters.

KLJ said...

I like that a-lot. We may have already married another name, but let me think on it, and if need be I'll consult a divorce lawyer. Thanks.

Johnnie (Maven) said...

How about "Sacramento Sketch and Sniff Comedy Fest"?

KLJ said...

Hey, you look here, we've done a-lot of work to get rid of that smell here in Sacramento, but in the end, we realized we'd grown to love that smell. Its the smell of home, of comfort and security, it's smell of community and civic duty, that's right, it's the smell of hobo pee.

KLJ said...

Well, we got some great suggestions, and some of the other kind as well, but we've ended up sticking with Sacramento All Sketch.
Thanks everyone.